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    How to Style Pillows on a Sectional

    Throw pillows give style to your living room, adding more texture, color, and dynamic patterns. Here are a few easy methods for creating the ideal sectional sofa pillow arrangement.

    In this article will discuss different styling techniques for sectional pillows arrangement.


    1. Pick A Solid Color Scheme.

    The first thing we'll do is design acolor scheme. Start by using your sectional color as the focal point, and then let colors to subtly blend into one another to produce a more upscale appearance. If someone walks up to your couch, they will undoubtedly be the first to notice the color of your throw pillows, even though it may not be the first thing you consider.

    You should always begin by choosing a color scheme. You must ensure...

    • The color scheme of the pillows complements the items in the room.
    • Complements the sofa.
    • Enhances the attractiveness and harmony of the room and the sofa.


    2. Size Coordination

    The first step in making a great sofa pillow arrangement is to size and layer your pillows properly. The largest pillows should be placed in the back, and you should have pillows in a variety of sizes. 

    Your base pillows should be between 20 and 24 inches square, while the medium-sized pillows in front ought to be between 16 and 20 inches. The smallest size special accent pillows, often known as "accent pillows," can be circular, rectangular, cylindrical, or another unusual shape.


    3. Make use of patterns

    Select a design for yourthrow pillows that reflects the atmosphere of the space and the colour or colors of your sectional couch. Geometric motifs, animal prints, plaids, and floral prints are popular patterns for pillows. You can focus your search by deciding on the size that you desire for your patterned pillow.

    Use the patterns and colors of your throw pillows to enhance your style and add some individuality to the seating in your living room, as this is where you have the most opportunity to liven things up.

    Create appealing contrast by contrasting a solid-colored cushion with a pillow containingeye-catching designs. While smaller pillows in the same color family add extra flair to liven up your arrangement, your larger pillows are fantastic for cementing a color scheme.


    4. Add Unique Textures

    Our pillow covers come in a variety of fabrics . Even when utilizing similar forms, employing differents fabrics gives your throw pillows dimension and intrigue.

    If you're mixing neutrals and solids, textures can provide fascinating elements without becoming overpowering. The use of various textures gives the arrangement a very premium appearance and enhances its visual appeal.


    5. Balance and Layer

    The largest pillows should go on top, followed by the medium-sized pillows, and finally the smaller pillows. By doing this, you can layer your throw pillows such that each one is visible. The type of sitting and the amount of space you have will determine how many pillows you use. 

    Pillows should typically be positioned in groups of two or three and in a semi-symmetrical pattern. As a result, sectionals may contain many more cushions than loveseats, which may only have space for two or three.



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