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    6 Steps For Designing An Entryway

    The first impression visitors receive of your home is made in your foyer or entryway, so make it count! Despite this, when we relocate, high-traffic spaces like the kitchen and living room frequently take precedence, and the bedroom is frequently the last place on our minds.


    Fortunately, most entryways are compact areas, making it simple to make them feel special with a minimal amount of furniture and decor. We've created a list of six essentials for the perfect doorway. With these components in place, you'll have a beautiful, useful space that can be embellished further or left as is.


    In this article, we will cover 6 steps for designing an entryway.


    1. A Stylish Console Table

    Functionally, you might be right if you believe that everything your doorway needs can be affixed to the wall or placed on the floor. But if you don't have a surface for any of the items lower on our list, we don't think your doorway will properly come together as a well-styled space.

    Your surface doesn't have to take up much room because taller chests of drawers and console tables might be less than two feet broad. Since a table or dresser may be the largest item you buy for your entry, you can let it determine the style of anything else you add. If in doubt, go with pure white or something straightforward and wooden.


    2. A Rug

    Like in every other room, a rug can significantly alter the atmosphere of the room and bring the design in the area together. In favor of something larger and a little more formal for your foyer, we advise leaving the door mats outdoors.

    The unavoidable dirt that people track inside can be hidden by choosing a rug with a pattern and a darker color. Yes, you'll need to clean this rug more frequently than usual, but that's no excuse not to choose something lovely.

    3. Hang a Mirror

    Mirrors are a standard in foyers. They beautifully brighten and enlarge what is frequently a smaller space, allowing you to check your clothing or makeup one more time before leaving. Mirrors can be extremely plain with an almost nonexistent frame or elaborate and elegant with beveled glass and a carved frame.

    Above your console, a favorite piece of art will look lovely, but let's face it: most of us want to look our best before leaving the house. Make last-minute outfit modifications and lipstick touch-ups simple by hanging a mirror in your foyer.


    4. Lightning

    It goes without saying that your foyer needs some type of lighting, but adding a table lamp to the existing overhead lighting in the space is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Coming home to a dark house is made more reassuring and secure by having one lamp on by the door.

    Additionally, having multiple light sources increases your ability to balance brightness where you want it and avoid it where you don't. If your surface is chest-high or shorter, don't be afraid to add a reasonably large light (or two), if it feels balanced with the rest of your room. Lamps are a terrific way to add some height to your entryway.




    5. Add a Tray on Top of the console.

    On your foyer console, place a tray to collect your keys, mail, and other necessities. Although it's not necessary, it can instantly make a mess seem sleek and deliberate.

    When entertaining, replace the postal paper on your tray with a few flutes of champagne and extend a sincere welcome to your visitors.




    6. Decorative elements

    Here, everything comes together. The accessories you add to your foyer can have a practical purpose (a tray for keys and mail, a stool for putting on shoes), but they nevertheless hold just as much value in our eyes if they merely enhance the decor.

    Candles, books, vases, and greenery of any kind—real or fake—are all useful tabletop decorations that give a space a finished, lived-in look. Again, incorporating a color from the rug or a piece of wall art that hangs nearby will reinforce the feeling of purposeful collection.



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