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3 Easy Steps For Hanging Art Correctly

3 Easy Steps For Hanging Art Correctly


A room can be entirely transformed by wall art. However, hanging pictures can be very stressful and anxious. It seems like a lot may go wrong with framed wedding photos, a collection of prints, or a single enormous canvas. But resist letting your fear stop you. Get it properly the first time, every time by following our step-by-step instructions on how to hang a picture and how to hang wall art.


The first step in hanging wall art is deciding where each piece should go. However, deciding where to display something can be the most difficult issue when you have a really huge abstract canvas or an odd-numbered stack of small nautical pictures.


 In this article, we'll go through three simple steps for hanging paintings on a wall.


1.Treat Multiple Pieces of Art as a Single Unit.

 Treat each piece in the collection as though it were a single piece of art when hanging numerous pieces of artwork. Multiple pieces should be anchored around the 60-inch focal point to make the collection look balanced. The recommended distance between pieces of art is between 2 and 4 inches.

Although 57 inches is a reasonable average height, make sure to utilize that measurement when hanging art if your eye level is different. Since every situation is unique, you should, in the end, ensure that you approve of how your artwork is presented.

 For instance, if you want to hang four photos in a square, make the distance between them even and the hanging space moderate.


hanging wall art


A hallway or sofa wall would be the ideal place to hang three images in a row. By hanging tall or narrow pieces of art, you may add some dimension without making the space look crowded. An odd number of components is more aesthetically pleasing and visually balanced in this situation. It is advised to leave 3-4 inches between each frame.


hang 3 wall art pieces



2. Hang Art at Eye Level.


We've found that hanging a single piece of art at eye level is ideal; the perfect distance is 60 inches from the center to the floor. It is acceptable to hang art 4-6 inches above furniture while doing so.


Consider groupings as a single, complete piece when considering hanging art height. Consider hanging a set of four photographs as one whole square, for instance. Then arrange the photographs so that the piece's or group's center is roughly eye level.


Always take the size of your area into account while hanging art, as a general rule of thumb. Here's a little house secret: When working on projects, we typically favor using larger artwork and frames over smaller ones. When there is less space to occupy, it is much easier to do so!


3 Easy Steps For Hanging Art Correctly
NOTE: For you to enjoy looking at a dining room wall decorating arrangement the most when seated, it is recommended to position it somewhat lower.
dining mirror

3. Keep in mind that you are decorating a wall.

Select more substantial canvas wall art for larger walls and more compact pieces for narrower surfaces.

For Compact Areas: An ideal arrangement that creates the appearance of a window is a small space with an even number of components densely clustered together. This impact is enhanced by light colors.

For Big Rooms: To balance out a vast area or a high wall, a densely clustered even number of pieces works fantastically. Keep in mind that bigger spacings are possible than smaller ones.

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