Deco Styly!

Online Interior Design

From an empty space to a fully furnished area and fabulous! o From a partially furnished space to a beautiful and complete space.

100% online

Especially for:

Living room-Dining room or

Dining room - Kitchen

How do you want to feel when you are in that space?

To help you answer this question:

We will have a first meeting by video call and you will receive a Quiz about your lifestyle, I will need photos, measurements and an inventory of the furniture that you want to keep in that space.

We will meet again by video call to discuss:

- The general design concept that will be unique like you, this includes: Color Palette, Mood Board that represents the style of your new space, combination of fabrics and textures, ideal furniture, etc.

- Plan with the ideal arrangement of furniture

- 3D design and a general visualization of how your space will look

- Shopping list with all the links of the items included in the design.

The result will be: The space you dreamed of and that looks like you ✨

Current delivery time: about 3 weeks.

Important notes:

1- Once you make the payment, you will receive a questionnaire via email and you can reserve the date for our first video call.

  • By the time of the video call you must have the measurements, photos and inventory of your furniture, preferably on your computer.

2- Each video call with your designer will be approximately 30 minutes.

3- You can adjust the final proposal one (1) time at no additional cost.

4- With this service you will receive decoration suggestions, you will not receive changes that require construction or demolition.

5- The value of the Deco Styly service corresponds to one (1) zone with a maximum of two types of use, without divisions. Example: Living Room-Dining Room or Dining Room - Kitchen

6- All purchases are final and by purchasing this service you understand and accept the details and terms of the service.

Read the section frequent questions and clarify any other questions you have at this time

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