Decorating without professional help can be overwhelming.

Everything is coming more difficult decision after decision.

You change your mind a million times and you don't like the result .

With the online interior design service you will make your house look like the house of your dreams.

Have you been disappointed after choosing a paint color?

Have you spent a lot of money?

Do you feel that your house does not look like you?

Do you feel bad for a purchase?

How does the online interior design service work?

1. Select the plan that best suits you:

Deco Mini

Deco Styly

2. Quiz

After the purchase you will receive a questionnaire that will help me to know your lifestyle and your tastes.

3. Design

I will transform all your comments into a beautiful design, which suits you and your needs (also your budget)

4. Video Call

This is the most exciting day! finally we will meet to see your final project.

Let's start decorating the house of your dreams!