Conoce que ofrece Styly Home y resuelve todas tus dudas.

Styly Home offers interior decoration and design services and products.

Being an online service, it allows you to decorate your space with the help of an expert from anywhere in the world, which makes it accessible and easy. All online and on your time.

When you purchase the Service Deco Styly you can use it for the following areas:

Type 1 Areas:

Dining room

Kitchen - Dining room

Dining Room - Family Room

Office - Terrace

Or any area that is for a maximum of two uses, without divisions or walls, that is, in an open space there are both areas.

When you purchase the Service Deco Mini you can use it for those smaller areas of your house that still need a fabulous design:

Type 2 Areas:

Room - Bedroom - Master Bedroom

Babies, Children or Teenager Room




Vestier - Walking Closet




Areas that are for one (1) use only

In these cases, a single area is calculated, that is, if the living room and dining room are in the same space, you must buy one (1) service Deco Styly

This service includes the design of an open space where there are two (2) areas, for example: Living room - Dining room

Yes, in order to carry out any design we need the measurements of the space and photography from different angles.

Once the payment is made, you will receive an Email with the steps to follow to start the Design where I will basically ask you:

You answer a form Measurements of space Photos of space from different angles

All this information is important since without all this data I cannot start designing for you.

And then you will book the first video call with me.

Finally I will be communicating with you via email or WhatsApp, when your design is ready we will meet by video call, for the presentation of your Design (the most exciting day)

In your final project you will receive:

General concept of the Flat Design of your floor (Space seen from above with the arrangement of the furniture)

2D design completed with purchase links for all items included in the design and / or existing furniture if applicable.

In the concept of Design I show you what your space is going to transmit to you. How do you want to feel when you are in that space? Additionally, I present you an Inspiration Board or MoodBoard with the articles and color palette, a floor plan where you can see how the ideal arrangement of your furniture will be to take advantage of the space, a list of the furniture or suggested articles and general recommendations.

The delivery of the design concept applies to services: Deco Mini Y Deco Styly

Currently the time limit is 3 weeks, it can be much less, everything will depend on the corrections and workflow

The questionnaire that I will send you once you hire any of the services, will allow me to interpret your tastes and needs, so it is important that you share with me as much information as possible and if you want something specific, let me know.

The first call will allow me to collect your comments and include them in the design, that is why it is so valuable and important for me to always be in contact with you.

Only one (1) change to your design is allowed.

I will take into account your budget to choose the furniture and all the decorative accents, additionally, in the final delivery you will find all the purchase links of the items included in your design.

Of course! In the questionnaire I ask questions related to this topic and to include them in the design I will only need the photos.

Of course! The process is similar for all customers, no matter the country where they live, in this case I will ask you for a list of stores or retail that are close to you and so I can include items that are within your reach.