Hi! I am María Parra, I studied at the Argentine School of Design I am Venezuelan and I currently live in Atlanta, United States. I was always passionate about design and from a very young age I reflected it in each game, I can assure you that my dollhouses had the coolest coatings in the whole block.

However, for reasons that I believed practical at that time I studied accounting at university, then I became a mother and started creating digital content, this has turned out to be the best complement to my true vocation which is, of course, to design and decorate. Let's face it all designers must do magic with the budget and know about social media.

From Styly Home Design Studio I can improve people's lives by combining comfort, details and style.

And that's why I'm here: to upgrade your space.

Believe me when I tell you that I can transform what you say (and what you don't also) into accessories, colors and furniture to make your home the ideal place.

Shall we start?

Imagine living in a beautiful space, unique like you

and that also makes you smile ...