Tipos de Cortinas

Let's talk about curtains! Did you know that there are several types of curtains and that each curtain has a name? Yes! Whether it's the style, the way it hangs, or the type of fabric; Each curtain has a specific name.

Today I am going to tell you about 6 different styles of curtains, the ones that for me are the most practical and beautiful.

With ties

They have a kind of ties and the bar slides through each one. We usually see these types of tabbed curtains in informal spaces like living rooms, kids rooms or college dorms, they work in a variety of spaces as long as they are casual or casual.



These curtains have a inner channel through which the bar can slide. It is a simple and very common curtain that can be used in both casual and formal spaces.


With Buttonhole

As you can see, the curtains with eyelet They have metal holes in the top of the shade that the rod slides through. Eyelet curtains are currently one of the most common types of curtains available in big box stores.


In particular I do not like them so much since these metal pieces tend to rust over time which gives the curtain an ugly appearance or can even stain it.

Clip Hooks

Clip rings are another common method used to attach draperies to the rod. The clip-on rings They do exactly what you're thinking: one end of the clip is attached to the ring while the other is attached to the curtain.


Pleated or Pinch Pleated

There are a large number of types of pleated shades, but one of the most popular is pleated. It is a more formal (and elegant) curtain that shows 1-3 layers of fabric "pinched" hence its name, near the top of the panel. This style is typically seen in traditional homes; however, lately it has been gaining popularity among various styles.

They are the ones that I have at home and I made the pleating myself with my mini cooking machine, I will soon record a video for the YouTube Channel with the step by step.

With hidden curtain or Back Tap

These types of curtains have hidden tabs In the back higher. The bar slides through the hidden tabs keeping it "mysterious"


Now that you know the different types of curtains, I want to know, which is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

I am liking this topic more and more, especially the fall of the fabrics ♥