Acentos decorativos a prueba de niños

A contrasting accessory, a painting, a sculpture, a trio of books - all this can be a decorative accent.

Decorative accents are objects that, without being protagonists, inject, complement or put an end to an interior design or decoration project.

Yes, I know… When we have children at home it is a challenge to have decorative accents, the first years of our little ones are the years of exploration, where we must preserve safety and take care that there is no danger at home.

Here are my recommendations for decorative accents without having children at home:

Bet on natural materials

The baskets are my favorites when it comes to choosing a decorative accent that is also functional, they are perfect for quickly storing any toy and they look good in any area from the bathroom to the living room.

Decorative accents under 30$


Wood is durable, natural, warm, matches many styles and gives a feeling of home, decorative accents of this material they are safe if you have children at home

decorative accents under $30


Although it is not the favorite material of many parents, I prefer it over glass or crystal, a small object that serves to finish or place it as a top accent in a trio of books always looks good. It is equally durable.

Plastic or Acrylic

Accents of Acrylic They are very fashionable because they add a modern touch to a classic or traditional room, the goodness of this material is that it is not dangerous, it imitates glass and it is safe, if your child throws some acrylic object it will surely remain intact.

As you can see, these are functional objects, but thanks to a spectacular design and the unusual nature of the material in which they are made, they completely break with the traditional, so they are also decorative as useful.

Having children at home is no excuse to decorate since we have countless options today to have a beautiful and well decorated house.

I share a list of

Decorative Accents under $ 30

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Acrylic Objects Inspiration Board

Do you have any other material that you like that I am missing on this list?

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