Has it happened to you that you buy something for your house and then end up regretting it? Yes, many times. But I don't care because you learn from mistakes ... a lot. So that it does not happen to you again, here I will tell you about the 8 most common decoration mistakes.

1 . Hang the pictures too high

The general rule of thumb is to hang them at eye level. If you are very tall or short, maybe using your eye level can be strange, so use this Tip: hang them 1.45 - 1.55 meters from the ground and you will have an ideal height. And if you are going to place it on top of a piece of furniture, leave a little space between the edge of the painting and that of your furniture so that they do not join.

2. Hang the lamps very low

It is one of the most common mistakes. If you are in a transit area, consider at least 2 meters from floor to ceiling and hang your lamp. On the other hand, the lower you hang your lamp, the more intimate the atmosphere will be.

3. Choose paintings lightly
Before painting, have a decorating plan: consider the colors of your furniture - the ones you have and the ones you are going to buy - the patterns and your style. Paint color should be the last decision. It is much easier to buy the paint of a specific color than to change your furniture or patterns.

"Do not be overwhelmed by the decoration mistakes you are making, you learn from mistakes"

4. Buy without measuring
Maybe you fell in love with that huge gray sofa, it sure is very comfortable and perfect to receive your friends. But… Are you sure it fits in your living room? Take measurements of your space before you buy, and also consider the size of your hallway, elevator and stairs so that they can move and install it without problems. This applies to all types of furniture.

5. Buy very short curtains
Designers recommend hanging your curtains as high as possible (to give the illusion that your ceiling is higher) In terms of length, they should (almost) touch the floor.

6. Buy the same furniture
It is probably the most basic mistake of all. The days of identical furniture and matching are long gone. A little variety adds style, sophistication, and keeps your home from looking like a furniture display store.

7. More is More
I love accessories, but one of the great skills that decorators develop is editing. Having lots of accessories makes your space look messy.

Think which ones complement each other and build various combinations until you find the ideal one. Tip: You can make groups of 3-5 elements at a time so as not to overdo it.


8. Forget about the walls

In addition to accessories, when you do not have any paintings or decorative elements on the walls, it can seem that your house is missing something. Of course, stay away from vinyl paintings with beach or sea type prints, having art or something on the walls does not have to be expensive, even a framed drawing or photographs make a difference. Find what catches your attention: are they old photographs? Watercolors? Family photos? Choose one theme at a time for each wall, but don't forget this step, it gives character and authenticity to your space, which is yours.