5 tips para decorar tu casa por primera vez

That moment when they give you the keys to your first house is unforgettable and even more unforgettable is entering for the first time and seeing your new house totally empty, without furniture, with nothing. A thousand doubts arise: What style? How do I choose the colors? What room do I start with? How much will I spend?

When you want to decorate your house for the first time, it is a good idea to start in the living room. It is the most important place in the house, the place where you enjoy resting and where you usually meet with your family and friends.

What can not be missing: the sofa. Then you can choose the auxiliary furniture, textiles, ornaments, etc.

How to choose the furniture?
To decorate the house for the first time it is necessary to go little by little and above all measure all the spaces very well.

It is also important to take into account the number of people living in the house, if there are children, pets, etc.

Comfort or aesthetics?
I always choose and will choose comfort. If we feel love at first sight for a sofa but do not feel comfortable, then what is the point of having it at home? Let's keep looking until we find comfort and aesthetics in equal parts.

How to choose the colors?
Neutral, bright and light colors: for the walls. You will never be wrong. If you want to elevate any space and give a more trendy effect, paint one of the walls of the room in a darker color, but only one.
The strong colors for the ornaments are much easier to substitute if one day you get bored.
An extra tip: the warm tones go better in the living room, the entrance, the game room. For bedrooms, calmer and more relaxing colors are best.
This point is very important! You have to give a super special and primordial place to both natural and artificial light.
Natural light, you have to take advantage of it and if possible enhance it. Never cover windows with heavy vintage curtains from yesteryear.
Add several points of artificial light in the room at least two or three, everything will depend on the space, so when night comes the space will always be well lit.
Hire a professional
If you feel overwhelmed or you feel that this decoration is not given to you, there is always the possibility of hiring an expert, a decorator or an interior designer, we know very well how to take advantage of each space, choose which style is the best it goes with you, among many other tasks.
In my case, comfort is important, and I also take into account the personality and style of my clients, which is why each house is unique and very special.