I am María Parra, I design spaces adapted to your day to day, where functionality and beauty go hand in hand, I like to transform everyday spaces into spaces full of style and comfort.

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Deco meeting!

Deco Styly!

Deco Mini

100% online

Color and Style Consultation

Ideal arrangement of the furniture you already have at home

General recommendations to beautify your space

Duration: 1 hour

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100% online

General concept of your design.

How do you want to feel when you are in that space?

Plan with the ideal arrangement of furniture

2D design with the items included in the design.

You consult with me throughout the process.

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100% online

Especially for those small areas of your house that need a fabulous design

General design concept

2D design completed with purchase links for all items included in the design.

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The perfect house is the one you enjoy.

This goes beyond having a nice house, I'm talking about having a home where you and your family enjoy being.

Did you know that this can be achieved with good design?

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